RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group

  • WWII RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group
  • WWII RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group
  • WWII RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group
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An extremely rare opportunity to purchase a complete Royal Air Force WWII headgear group. This particular configuration is synonymous with 'The Few' of the Battle of Britain and Battle of France before them. This grouping is 100% genuine and of the period and is not, nor are any of the elements of it reproduction.

B-Type helmet: The classic Battle of Britain period RAF helmet. Very good, supple leather with no drying or scuffing.

A few light nicks but nothing that detracts. The interior shows signs of use as you would expect but this obviously isn't visible when displayed. The internal label has been removed which is not unusual but all studs, straps and zips are present and in good working order. The original receiver cushions remain in place. AM stamps to each receiver cover.

D-Type mask: Possibly one of the rarest masks to find in its original condition and also the most contentious when it comes to reproductions and restored examples. The external green cloth to this mask is close to immaculate with no insect damage and only the lightest signs of service use. All stitching is sound and although the internal chamois shows wear and deterioration this is not insect damage and is probably the result of sweat and condensation vapour which in turn has dried the lining out. The mask is fitted with the early Type-E microphone which is of carbon construction covered with chamois leather. The opening mechanism operates fine and the original bakelite switch is present.  The mask is fully wired and is connected to a pair of Type-C receivers which sit within the B-Type cushions snuggly.

Mk IIII goggles: A good pair of genuine Mk III goggles that are typical of the Battle of Britain period. These are the much rarer Air Ministry examples and not RCAF carrying a faint AM mark and 1940 date to the leather strap. The usual service related markings to the frames which do not detract from the display. Stores Ref 22c/69. Reasonalby good lenses with expected service wear but no damage. All internal and external padding is present and visually very good however they are slightly hard to the touch as you would expect to find.

* This mask is 100% genuine and was in the personal collection of Mick J Prodger author of 'Luftwaffe vs RAF - Flying Clothing of the Air War 1939-45'. I will include a signed letter of provenance/authenticity from him in the sale. I also have information on the original pilot recipient of the mask but this will only be divulged to the eventual buyer. In the interest of privacy it will not be published on this site.