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WWII RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group

RAF Battle of Britain Period Headgear Group

An extremely rare opportunity to purchase a complete Royal Air Force WWII headgear group. This particular configuration is synonymous with 'The Few' of the Battle of Britain and Battle of France before them. This grouping is 100% genuine and of the period and is not, nor are any of the elements of it reproducti...

WWII RAF Fighter Pilot Headgear Group

  • WWII RAF Fighter Pilot Headgear Group
  • WWII RAF Fighter Pilot Headgear Group
  • WWII RAF Fighter Pilot Headgear Group
  • This item is not available for sale.

WWII RAF Headgear Collection. 

A very good condition C Type leather flying helmet. All leather both inside and out is in a clean, supple condition with no damage. Complete with earphones (10A/13466), wiring loom and bakelite connector jack on the end of approx 180cm of fabricated cable. The helmet is stamped a Size 3 inside and all studs, fittings, straps etc are in tact and in good shape. Correct A♔M 22C/879 mark embossed into the leather by the chin strap stud.

A very good example of a G Type RAF oxygen mask. Issued from around 1942 onwards, this rubber mask is in very good, soft and supple condition and marked small. No signs of damage or drying. No evidence of specific date of issue. All fittings are present and in good condition as is the chamois leather liner. It's complete with the oxygen tube and clip and microphone with reference A♔M 10A/12570. The cable to the microphone is still attached as is the connector to attach to the helmet wiring loom.

Finally a good condition pair of Mk IVB flying goggles. The glass is in very good shape with no cracks or damage however one of the clips that holds a lens in place has broken so may need a spot of solder to repair although it does not effect the look when displayed. Some of the fabric has stripped away from one of the side straps but again does not detract. The nose piece is subtle and in very good condition. The only real down side is the foam pads have dried out and are in varying degrees of degradation. Obviously these are not visible when the goggles are displayed on a dummy. Correct reference mark of 22C/167 embossed onto the leather strap to rear. A very good pair of original WWII goggles completes a very nice, rare set.